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Who We Are

Hestia Heritage is all about getting around the fire and gathering together to experience our senses. Hestia was the other sister of Zeus and rather than keeping a seat on Mount Olympus, she chose to take her spot at the fire and tend to her embers. Hestia is the goddess of the hearth, the fire of the home, and for us at Hestia Heritage, it means tending the fire of connection, nourishment of the mind, body and soul, and the place where we all come to be together. It means warmth, safety, love, protection, constancy, and hope. We specialise in custom hand-blended herbal incense and select goods to elevate the vibration of your space. We blend the practises of concentrating on the quality of surroundings together with our long-term experience with coaching and strategic consulting.

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Who Are We
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